Prospectus & Preliminary Application Forms for the LKG class ONLY will be available online on our school website - on the 2nd & 3rd of January 2020.


The downloaded preliminary application forms are to be presented at the school counter on the 4th & 5th of January 2020 along with Rs. 640/- between  9:00 am to 12:00 noon after which the dates for verification and submission will be issued.




1         The Don Bosco Primary School, Patna is a Minority Anglo-Indian Christian Institution by reason of both Religion and Language. This institution was established solely for the educational and cultural development primarily for the Anglo-Indian and Christian children seeking the same and admitting inter-alia such other children irrespective of caste, creed, location, language, sex or religion as are desirous of receiving education in Don Bosco Primary School .


2         Number of seats available for admission to LOWER KINDER GARTEN    -           320


3         This Preliminary Application Form is ONLY for the LKG and NOT to be used for any other classes.


4         The candidate should be 4 years complete as on 1st April 2020.


5         The Date of Birth Certificate in Original from the Municipal Corporation must be produced.


6         One recent passport size photograph of the candidate and two passport size family photographs (i.e., father, mother & candidate) to be pasted on the preliminary application form.


7         It will be the responsibility of the parents to see that the Preliminary Application Form is complete in all respects and the correctness of data entered in the Preliminary Application Form.


8         The Preliminary Application Forms are available for the following students.

*   Children within a radius of five kilometers from the school.

*   For Anglo-Indians, Christians - Parishioners of New Patliputra and Kurji Parish.

*   Children of employees of Don Bosco Primary School - Patna, Don Bosco Academy     - Patna and Don Bosco Academy - McLuskiegunj.

            *   For Siblings


9         Random / Lottery method for the selection of candidates will be followed only on the basis of information given in the preliminary application form and the documents submitted along with the preliminary application form. if, at any stage, this information is found to be incorrect, the admission will be cancelled.


The school reserves the right to reject the Preliminary Application Form with incomplete or forged documents.


10       A list of such candidates selected will be placed on the school notice board.





11       Any recommendation, use of influence (direct or indirect) offer of donation etc. will lead to the cancellation of Preliminary Application / admission of the child.


12       The cost for preliminary application form is not refundable.




In the interest of the public it is informed that Don Bosco Primary School does not accept any donation in kind or cash. It has come to our notice that certain persons 'pose' as agents and promise to secure admission on payment of money. If the child gets admission on his/her own merit, the so-called agents take credit (and money), if not he/she expresses his/her helplessness.  SO PLEASE BE ON YOUR GUARD.  Canvassing through any member/s of the school staff or others shall be automatically regarded as a disqualification for admission to the school.



PLEASE  NOTE :   Since the number of applicants are expected to exceed the vacancies in the LKG and there are only limited seats, parents are advised to apply to other schools also. The preliminary application of a child to the school does not mean admission ipso facto.




Please attach Photostat Copies of the Required Documents along with the Preliminary Application Form and bring along the Original Certificates/Documents for verification.


1          Birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation.


2          Baptism Certificate and a letter from the Parish Priest for Christians.


3          For Anglo-Indian candidates - the Baptism Certificate, a letter from the Parish Priest and a letter from The All-India Anglo-Indian Association (any branch).


4          Immunization Record.


5          Any  one  proof  of  PRESENT  PATNA  RESIDENCE :


i)         Bank Pass Book with photograph and  Patna  Address.

ii)        LPG  Consumer  Book with photograph and  Patna  Address.

iii)       Election / Voter Identity Card  with  Patna  Address.

iv)       BSNL Landline Telephone Bill with  Patna  Address.

v)        Aadhaar Card with  Patna  Address.


Please Note : The above mentioned Patna Residential documents should have the Father’s or the Mother’s name clearly mentioned on it.                              


6          Photocopy of the School Identity Card if own brother or sister is studying in this school.


7          Caste Certificates for Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, Backward Cast and OBC’s from competent authority.


8          If alumni, submit a xerox copy of the Report Card/Mark sheet/SLC/TC.


a)        Original Certificates should not be attached to the Preliminary Application Form.  They are to be shown to the concerned authorities when the Preliminary Application Form is being submitted.


b)        At the time of Submitting the Preliminary Application Form the candidate must accompany the Parents.


c)        If any of the above requirements are missing/not attached with the Preliminary Application Form at the time of submission, the Preliminary Application Form will not be accepted.


d)        The school does not provide any transport facility.


e)        Parents / Guardians, you are well aware of your ward/s correct age and his/her ability, therefore, you are requested to apply only if your child is of the correct age and fit for the right class according to his/her ability.

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