This is to inform you that the main online assessments of 50 marks for the 2nd Term 1st Assessment  will commence on 07/12/2021 and finish on 16/12/2021 as per the examination routine available on the school website. The Question Paper Link for all classes & subjects will be sent a day in advance.  This link will open & close as per the time given in the routine.   Name, Class, Section & Roll No. are mandatory fields.  Time limit is 1 hour to solve the question paper and 15 minutes to check and submit.  Once submitted no changes will be applicable and only the first attempt on submission will be accepted as final.  The same link is provided on the school website under the heading examination.  Please click on your respective class from the drop box.


 Parents Please Note : During the process of the online exams we sometimes face isolated instances of the link not opening due to some technical reason which causes you to get upset. Please do not worry, thats exactly the reason why the examination link is provided (1) on the class whatsapp group (2) on the school website.  You have the option of using either of the links.  We are doing everything at our end to ensure smooth process of the online exams.







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